Wedding inspiration on the Island in Pamvotida Lake!

13 Ιούνιος 2019

This wedding inspiration took place an early summer day, on the Island located in Pamvotida Lake in Ioannina. This small miracle of nature, unbelievably beautiful and of great historical significance seems to be too enchanting for real life. Walking around the Island, full of charming paved streets and traditional stone built  houses, you feel as though you have stepped back in time where our story begins.

Exceptional invitations were designed to introduce guests to this fairytale!

The bride’s natural but impressive make up look, perfectly matched her chic, romantic wedding gown and triggered the creativity of our talented photographer who captured the spirit of the whimsical wonderland and the joy of the bride.

An astonishing, red bouquet with flowers of proteas, dahlias and wild greenery was the eye catching floral arrangement for this old time shoot.

The next part of the shoot took place under a huge tree in front of the lakeshore. Flowers, rustic candlesticks and vintage dinner plates were the perfect elements of this romantic tablescape, in the cloudy afternoon.

A  delicious wedding cake and the served sweets perfectly matched with the scenery, evoking feelings of happiness and pleasure.

At sunset as the sunlight fade out and the party was about to begin, silver wedding favors, made by local craftsmen, were given to the guests as a sweet memory of this special day.

Enjoy the stroll  through this unique occasion and may you be inspired for your special events!


 Event Design, Styling and Planning: Allwhite

 Location: Island, Ioannina, Greece

 Venue: Little Island Resort

 Photography: Kostas Liougos Photography

 Wedding Dress: Evi Xoleva Atelier

 Make up Artist: Mara Anagnostopoulou &  Beauty Center Elina Vasileiadi

 Wedding Invitations: Rainbow art

 Wedding Favours: Allwhite

 Floral: Papachristou Anthopiimata

 Tablewear: Allwhite

 Cake & Desserts: Zaxaroplastiki Mantzios

 Model: Mary

 Special thanks to Menelaos Sykovelis for his amazing photos of the Island.