All because two people fell in love !

08 Αύγουστος 2018

Our story begins in Robin Hood's castle in Nottingham where a young couple falls in love and decides to travel to Greece to realise their wedding dream!

The bride came in touch with our team and it was a pleasure to organise the whole event.

The tailor made wedding gown made with Nottingham's intricate lace was absolutely stunning.

Also,both the wedding favors and the church decoration with peonies and pink astradia matched the romantic concept.

After the religious ceremony the newly married offered a reception at a luxurious hotel.

We had prepared everything to the last detail:

a welcome buffet full of delicious specialties,

a well designed wishbook corner ,

fresh flowers all around the venue and 

a threatrical photo booth to capture the happy moments!

Everybody enjoyed themselves and dancing at the rythm of an unforgetable party.


Valia & Antoni may your whole life be as happy and glorious as your wedding day!!!


Bride & Groom: Valia & Antonis

Wedding gown: Koula Tsourdiou

Event Design & Decoration: Allwhite

Photography: Nikos Roussis Greece Wedding Photography

Venue: Epirus Palace Hotel Congress & Spa

Florist: Ανθη-Φυτά Παπαχρήστου Ανθοποιήματα

Wedding Cake: Ζαχαροπλαστική Μάντζιος