A blooming wedding in Zagorochoria!!!

30 Απρίλιος 2018

At first glance Adreanna and Alexandros realised that they were meant for each other!!!

Their wedding took place on a sunny,spring day in a small church in Vitsa, Zagorochoria in the presence of their friends and loved ones.

After the ceremony,the newlyweds treated their guests to a buffet full of traditional ,homemade liquers and delicacies in the village square, prior to the wedding banquet.

Joy,happiness and bliss overwhelmed the entire day!!!

Bride &Groom : Andreanna & Alexandros

Eventdesign and Decoration : Allwhite

Venue : Xitos Luxury Hall

Photography : Whitememories

Flowers : Ανθη-Φυτά Παπαχρήστου & Ανθοπωλείον Παπαχρήστου