Rustic wedding in Papigo

06 Σεπτέμβριος 2017

Papigo a small village in Zagori is build on the steep slopes of Astraka,one of the highest peaks of Mount Tymfi,with stunning view of Vikos Gorge.

Julia and Sotiris chose this village for their wedding day.

Rustic decoration, olive trees as wedding favours, wooden ornaments, flowers embellished the place and their beloved friends gathered in an old-stoned church for the wedding .

Fresh juices, wine and a table full of traditional greek sweets for the quests was only the begging.... dinner was served in a extraordinary hotel with an amazing view of the landscape.

Bride & Groom : Julia & Sotiris

Event Planner and Decoration : Allwhite

Location: Mikro Papigo, Zagori, Greece

Venue: 1700 Hotel & Spa